Irish Themed Photoshoot

“It is through art, and through art only, that we can realise our perfection”.
Oscar Wilde

Following Budget Day and its resulting air of pessimism, there is no other way to look than inwards and upwards.  Most people, if they make an error, will look at themselves and see what they have in them that can fix the problem, what resources, what talents they have that can turn things around.
It is the sense of ourselves, our unique ‘Irishness’ that could in fact be the very thing that delivers us from this conundrum of economic madness.

As Oscar Wilde once said “It is through art, and through art only, that we can realise our perfection”.  What better way than encouraging our natural creativity to be proclaimed both nationally and internationally, to breathe a new life into how we see ourselves and how we are perceived by the others?
As Ireland rests on the shortlist for World Design Capital 2014, we have a team who embarked upon creating a high fashion, edgy photoshoot that would represent the direction that indigenous fashion is currently taking in Ireland.

The models from Absolute the Agency, represented by former model and psychotherapist, Anne Morgan, aspire and strive to be that cutting edge fashion agency that many artists in the country have been waiting for.  The agency takes the fashion industry seriously, seeing it as an art form and a way of self expression.  The models have been chosen carefully by their mentor, to exude their Irish appeal, that pale Irish look that is synonymous with this country and revered worldwide.  Without conforming to any other ideals of beauty and hitting the boundaries that inhibit most who do so, they endeavour to maintain their identity as an Irish company that can be unleashed upon the world with a sense of pride for never faltering to anything less than who they are.  The models are constantly training, researching and developing their skills, while learning the ability to adapt to new situations and ideas thrown their way.
All designs featured in the images are of Irish creation, represented by an Irish model agency with a concept delivered by an Irish team of fashion enthusiasts.

There appears to be a symbiotic relationship within the fashion industry here – a refreshing helping hand at a time of economic downturn, from designer, to stylist, model, make up, hair stylist and photographer.  The collaboration of talented local resources comes to the forefront here and reveals the height of the industry, a height that is often forgotten by the majority of the public, simply due to the shadow cast over this small community by the powers that be on every high street.

If you could only feel the texture from Emma Manley’s creations, the volume and wonder of Eilis Boyle’s designs, the tailoring of Sinead Doyle’s garments, the imagination of Jane Alexander, Natalie B Coleman and Lisa Ryder’s silk screen prints, Lady Umbrella’s signature stamp, down to the sumptuous lining of Queva’s clothing that reveals the care given to the smallest details, topping it off with the craftsmanship of milliner Martha Lynn, that I’m not sure that you could avert your eyes any longer from the scope of talent at your doorstep.
Maybe if this becomes a realisation, the Irish modelling industry and Irish fashion industry will realise its potential to be on par with our international counterparts – not only to reveal our inherent creativity and perfection through art, as we near the potential of becoming the World Design Capital for 2014, but to boost our economy with our homegrown natural ability.  This may sound idealistic, but the facts are there that if we support Irish industries by remembering who we are and what we are capable of, Ireland’s potential could indeed soar to the highest of fashions.

Styling // Lisa Byrne @ Lisa Lú

Photography // Absolute Studios

Make-Up // Debbie, DJ & Lynsey @ VanityX Make-up

Hair // Mary Duffy assisted by Sinead @ Mohh Hair Academy

Irish Themed Photoshoot